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Meson production from hydrogen. The future of energy research and energy production.

Company Profile

Norrønt Fusion Energy AS is currently commercializing meson production from both hydrogen and deuterium. Through several processes we create clusters of ultra dense phase of both hydrogen and deuterium and annihilate hydrogenclusters to produce mesons; Kaons, Pions and Muons to be utilized in electricity for transportation sector and heat production for industrial processes.


Today we are currently operating three Hydrogen Muon Reactors for research and development to improve processes, materials and charge particles to electron conversion.

The founder of the technology is Prof. Leif Holmlid from Gothenburg University and the major shareholders of the company are:

  • Leif Holmlid

  • GU Ventures AB

  • Norrønt AS

  • 4S&D AS

  • Muon AS