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  • The technology uses a condensed form an ultra-dense state of the Hydrogen, with picometer bound distance. Ultra-dense hydrogen is disintegrated through annihilation to produce a controlled flux of high-energy particles for energy and electricity production. No harmful emission or hazards materials are generated from the process.

  • Norrønt Fusion Energy AS, is currently making good progress on the 4-year program for developing this renewable condensed hydrogen energy technology (CHE). 

  • A major milestone and technological break-through was reached August 2017 with consistently high flux of high energetic particles being produced from our reactor, ie., producing high amounts of energy. Experimental reactors are presently allocated as a multiple test validation reactors and for testing direct electricity conversion. Test demonstration systems with Muon production are in operation at several facilities in Norway as well as Sweden.

  • Ultra-dense hydrogen is also of high importance for other fundamental scientific and industrial applications.

Press release
- PhD Cand Applied Physics Sindre Zeiner-Gundersen
“My heritage to the world is to develop a cleaner more sustainable energy technology for the world”