Norrønt Fusion Energy AS is today a merger between two deep tech companies: Norrønt Fusion Energy AS founded May 2016 and Ultra Fusion Nuclear Power AB founded Sep 2016.

We are today an internationally owned Nordic deep technology startup company with the objective to provide technology-based on substantial scientific advances and high tech engineering innovation in the field of fusion reactors based on Muon catalyzed fusion and laser-driven Muon sources.

We are currently commercializing Muon production from both hydrogen and deuterium.


Our initial research started in 1980 but has greatly accelerated through dedicated work by fellow researchers in this field. We have lowered the energy level of producing Muons by using high-efficiency lasers instead of proton cyclotrons where we can build a Muon catalyzed fusion reactor system that's economically viable to be utilized in electricity for the transportation sector and heat production for industrial processes.


We don't have all the answers yet but we are getting there.

Our technology is a true scalable renewable energy technology that can deliver baseline power to the electricity grid. Our fuel is the most abundant element in the universe (Hydrogen) and we can replace fossil fuel operated power plants, and the technology can scale down to mobile micropower reactors.

Today we are currently operating three Hydrogen Muon Reactors for research and development to improve processes, materials, and charge particles to electron conversion.

The original founder of the technology is Prof. Leif Holmlid from Gothenburg University and the major shareholders of the company are:

  • Leif Holmlid

  • GU Ventures AB

  • Norrønt AS

  • 4S&D AS

  • Muon AS


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