The MK1 microreactor is a pilot power plant and has 6 isotropic muon sources with a centralized fusion vessel for fusion reactions.

Muon-catalyzed fusion (μCF) is a process allowing nuclear fusion to take place at temperatures significantly lower than the temperatures required for thermonuclear fusion, even at room temperature or lower. It is one of the few known ways of catalyzing nuclear fusion reactions. Therefore we don´t need plasma temperature or magnetic fields to operate.

The energy output on the MK1 will be 1MW thermal energy when the gas composition in the reactor has increased to optimum levels. We can scale the technology to replace coal and gas furnace in power plants to reduce Co2 emission while utilizing existing infrastructure .

A coiled heat transfer system extracts the energy from the fusion process to a heat exchange loop.

Neutron shielding will cover both the Muon sources and the fusion vessel.

The system will have an estimated energy gain of 800 times thermal energy.

The micro powerplant has internal fire safety systems, gas, and thermal management systems.