Invest in a sustainable deep tech Hydrogen energy technology

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Norrønt Fusion Energy AS is a deep tech investor owned company established to commercialize meson production from hydrogen and deuterium for different purposes. Several sectors such as transportation, energy, research, and communication are targeting sectors. We are strongly pursuing the decisive development of a safe, clean energy source of renewable energy, using hydrogen and deuterium as energy carriers.






​​We are currently financing research and development in order to enter into the commercial stage through private offerings in Norrønt Fusion Energy.


We are inviting you to set a new path for humankind and to become an owner of the future energy source, contact us for stock purchase template at



​​Does your power plant use coal, gas, or uranium as fuel or do you want to meet regulatory requirements on emission?

Do you work in shipping or want to meet the regulatory requirements in the shipping industry?

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